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INVAP understands how business performance can be improved by design and operational excellence at every stage, from research and development, through project delivery to commissioning. The company has a long track record of success for clients in the nuclear sector spanning the World, delivering mission-critical facilities. Its client-focused approach and global experience helps INVAP to respond to the challenges of this demanding market.

Client-focused skills and services

Across an increasingly globalised market, INVAP is well-placed to offer services across locations for organizations and countries all over the world. A wide range of skills, culture of knowledge-sharing and global project experience ensure that INVAP gains repeat business, in addition to its ability to respond to the needs of the market in all regions.

INVAP\'s international portfolio ranges from work on the OPAL research reactor, Australia to a radiosiotope production plant in Cairo, Egypt, the Dry Spent Fuel Storage System in Embalse, Argentina, and tailored research projects for Westinghouse Nuclear in the US. All have their own very exacting requirements.

Enabling research

In projects for academic institutions such as the neutron beam research facility at OPAL, ANSTO in Australia INVAP helps to provide facilities for scientific research. Other initiatives include designing world-leading facilities for bodies such as the Egyptian ETRR-2 reactor for the  Atomic Energy Authority and RA-6 reactor for Instituto Balseiro in Argentina.
INVAP also works with global Nuclear Power Plant provider companies (e.g. Westinghouse, AECL, BWXT, INVENSYS) and research bodies on projects that ultimately help them to speed up the development of new products.

Final work on the chimney of the OPAL reactor exported to Australia

Mission critical

For the 20 MW  research reactor at the  Institute of Nuclear Physics and Chemistry, Mianyang, Sichuan Province, China, conformance to critical specifications and Schedule was at the heart of the project. Working closely and collaboratively with the client resulted in a safe design of a Cold Neutron Source with improved neutronic performance and availability. Similarly, for the Atucha-II Nuclear Power Plant Project in Argentina, INVAP\'s "total design" philosophy in action enabled the development and implementation of an innovative arrangement of equipment for the critical tasks of aligning and installation of all the reactor pressure vessel inner structures, as per the specifications of Siemens the plant designer.

INVAP\'s approach focuses on safety, reliability, and availability in facilities, design and processes that allow clients worldwide to operate in compliance with international best practices concerning nuclear safety and more profitably.

Engineered success

INVAP is proud of its pursuit of innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions for nuclear clients. These have included tailor made reactor cores for maximum performance, neutron beams optimized for maximum neutron flux yields and innovative irradiation systems technology.
For all the projects in the nuclear field INVAP implements an encompassing approach that results in the implementation of a healthy and robust safety culture. The approach results in a careful implementation of the defence in depth approach, with special consideration from cradle to grave of all the aspects with an impact on the safety of the facilities and the provision of  a range of design features  to prevent accidents, protect against the escalation of events to accidents, and mitigate their consequences in the hypothetical case they happen.