Aligned with best practices of the international nuclear community, INVAP adopts and promotes a Safety Culture Policy that embraces all the levels of the organization. The Safety Culture Policy Statement issued by the General Manager, Lic. Héctor E. Otheguy, expresses:

INVAP SE shall perform all activities related to nuclear reactors and associated facilities with overriding priority to nuclear safety, so that safety aspects receive the attention they deserve based on their importance.

This translates into establishing Safety as the first and foremost priority in the execution of all activities related to nuclear reactors and facilities, from the design, through the adoption of good engineering practices, up to the start-up of a plant or service according to international regulations.

The Safety Culture Policy is upheld by the Values of the company, which constitute its corporative identity and the identity of all the employees, and includes Ethics and Integrity as founding value, that is, being socially responsible and maintaining a line of conduct both integral and transparent.

The Values of the company provide the means to reach and maintain the highest level of adherence to the Safety Culture Policy, and are the basis for the Policy consolidation in the five dimensions defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA):

• Safety is a value clearly recognized in the company.
• The responsibility regarding Safety is clear in the organization.
• Safety is integrated in all the activities among the organization.
• There is a process of leadership regarding Safety.
• Learning is the engine of Safety Culture.

Safety Culture Policy INVAP