The INVAP in-house product line of nucleonic instrumentation meets the requirements to measure the neutron and gamma flux of core reactors, and is qualified as IEEE class 1E for safety critical applications.

The nucleonic measurement integral system is a line of electronic chains planned for receiving standard and wide-range signals (Campbellian mode) from compensated and non-compensated ionization chambers, gamma chambers and self-powered neutron detector (SPND).

This is an evolutionary design from the late 1970s, which has been improved with the aim of eliminating dependence on critical components liable to early obsolescence and maintaining its modern characteristics.

Sala de control del reactor OPAL exportado a Australia

Our standard product line:

  • Source/Initial channel (FC).
  • Intermediate channel (IC).
  • Power channel (IC or CIC)
  • Wide variety of linear autoranging records and channels.
  • Gamma measurement channel (IC).
  • Self-powered neutron detectors (SPND) channel.