Spent Fuel Handling, Transportation, and Storage

INVAP designs and builds systems for the dry storage of spent nuclear fuel.
Dry storage represents less maintenance and lower operation costs, as well as higher safety. The system allows the supervision of spent fuel elements, still in decay.
This type of facility is an optimized intermediate solution to the final disposal or reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel elements.
INVAP has built such a facility for the Embalse Nuclear Power Plant in Argentina.

Uranium enrichment

The separation method through gaseous diffusion was developed and implemented for the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) at the beginning of the 1980s at the uranium enrichment plant located in Pilcaniyeu, Río Negro, Argentina.

INVAP was in charge of the following:

  • Development of all processes involved, including the production
  • Design, fabrication, and Installation of all process equipments.
  • Design and construction of the plant.
  • Start-up and steady state experimentation.
  • INVAP operated and maintained the plant for CNEA.

Heavy water tritium elimination

In all heavy water moderated reactors, radioactive tritium must be held at minimum values. INVAP has developed technology based on the laser isotope separation process and installed a pilot facility at Its Villa Golf laboratories, in San Carlos de Bariloche.

Isotope separation

INVAP has developed two isotope separation methods, namely: gaseous diffusion and laser.