INVAP has provided services to nuclear power plants for more than 25 years and is well-placed in the international market, serving customers all over the world. The company develops tailor-made solutions to concrete operation or maintenance problems by designing, building, manufacturing and implementing devices, tools and specific systems.

These capabilities are displayed either in repairing or modifying various systems of existing facilities, or in the whole replacement of units originally manufactured by other suppliers. INVAP provides nuclear plants with a wide range of services, such as manufacturing of spare parts, equipment modernization, tailor-made design, integrated tools and systems maintenance and repair, field engineering and staff’s technical training.

Centrales Atucha I y II, Prov. de Buenos Aires. Foto: gentileza Nucleoeléctrica Arg. S.A.

The company also offers consultation and design services, as well as solutions as regards radiation protection, studies on safety, and staff’s training programs to operate the plants.