INVAP designs, builds and puts into operation radioisotope production plants. The most modern one built by INVAP is located in Inshas, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. INVAP was the main contractor for this plant, belonging to the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA) of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is located next to radioisotope production ETRR-2 reactor, also designed and built by the company.

rpf2The ETRR-2 produces Mo-99 (molybdenum 99) through low-enriched uranium targets.

The service includes civil engineering works and other facilities, as well as the hot cells and boxes to carry out the following tasks:

•  Target preparation for radioisotope production.
•  Production of iodine 125, iodine 131 by nuclear fission, molybdenum 99 by nuclear fission, iridium 192 (medical and industrial sources), and chromium 51. 
•  Fractionation for commercial purposes.
•  Assemblage and loading of technetium 99 generators.
•  Quality control laboratories, equipment, and techniques.


Molybdenum 99 production through low-enriched uranium: Targets and related technology

INVAP supplies low-enriched uranium targets for the Mo-99 production. It is also in charge of the related processes, which have been developed and validated in Argentina. The radioisotopes produced by the Argentine technology meet the international requirements to be used in health programs.