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Vista del frente del edificio del reactor OPAL, Lucas Heights, Australia The Open Pool Australian Light-water reactor (OPAL) is a multipurpose facility particularly oriented toward radioisotope production. It is located in the city of Lucas Heights, 35 km south west of Sydney, Australia. The OPAL reactor has replaced the old High Flux Australian Reactor (HIFAR). With a thermal power of 20 MW, the outdoor pool-type reactor operates with low-enriched uranium and is cooled with demineralized water. Located on the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization’s premises (ANSTO), the OPAL reactor became fully operational in November 2006 and was officially inaugurated in April 2007.

It is one of the most complex research reactors in the world and is the major technological export of turnkey plants achieved in the Argentine history. Besides providing Australia and other countries with radioisotopes, it offers silicon irradiation services to the microelectronic industry.

In the academic field, it is an important national research center in materials sciences, engineering and other sciences requiring neutron beams as a tool for knowledge.

The OPAL facility is a seismic-resistant building, sound enough to bear the impact of small aircrafts.

Autoridades gubernamentales y de INVAP en inauguración del reactor

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