alt The first reactor of Peruvian Institute of Nuclear Energy (IPEN) was the Power Reactor RP-0, designed and constructed by the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) in collaboration with INVAP.  The civil works began in 1977 and the reactor first went critical in 1978.

This is a zero power installation (it produces between 1 and 10 thermal watts), located at IPEN headquarters in the city of Lima.  It is used for research and for personnel training in nuclear matters.  INVAP, which at the time was building the RA-6 Argentine Reactor, was in charge of all computerized, electronic and mechanical control systems of the Peruvian reactor. 

In the original RP-0 core, fuel rods were used.  In 1991, IPEN and CNEA adapted the reactor design to use the modern type of fuel used by its successor the RP-10.  INVAP took part in the redesign project.