rp0 01The RP-10 reactor with a thermal power of 10 MW was designed and built for the Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute (IPEN, in Spanish) by the National Commission of Atomic Energy (CNEA, in Spanish) in collaboration with INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company).

The reactor, that first went critical in 1988, is located at the Oscar Miroquesada De la Guerra nuclear center, in Huarangal, Lima.

The Huarangal's nuclear center comprises a surface area of 125 ha and includes the following facilities: an experimental physics laboratory for reactors (LabFER, in Spanish), a science laboratory, a radioisotope production plant (PPRR, in Spanish), a dosimetry calibration laboratory (LSCD, in Spanish) and a plant of radioactive waste disposal management (PGRR, in Spanish), which were designed and built by experts of both countries coordinated by the CNEA.

The RP-10 reactor is used for radioisotope production. Besides, it is a staff training unit in materials irradiation and applied research in the field of reactor physics and nuclear engineering.

For the development of the RP-10, INVAP was CNEA's main subcontractor, providing the reactivity control mechanism bridge that operates the sensors and control bars of the core, over the open pool. INVAP also designed, built and assembled the radiation detectors and the computer control system of the reactor.

The project development involved technology transfer and the purchasing country's staff training.