INVAP offers to its clients process simulation facilities with cutting-edge CFD technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics).  The company has a vast experience in process-simulation, and uses the most advanced software in the hands of highly skilled professionals.  Using this technology, highly complex fluid-dynamic and physico-chemical processes affecting design may now be analyzed and understood; processes that heretofore could only be solved with expensive physical models or and costly laboratory or pilot plant experimentation.

Temperature profiles and multiple gas circulation tubes in a high temperature combustion chamber

By means of computer simulation a significant improvement is achieved in the design of equipment and systems, as well as a significant reduction in costs and time.  INVAP uses FLUENT® - CFD, the world-leading software in advanced calculation tools.

FLUENT is a program based on the calculation of finite elements, mounted on a hardware that takes advantage of the always increasing processing and 3D graphic modeling capacity.   Extraordinary levels of precision and detail simulation of very complex phenomena may be reached.

Injection nozzle flow simulation in a combustion ovenThe illustrations show real samples of modeling recently performed for leading companies.  All simulation jobs have led to substantial reduction in costs and investment risks.