View of the house and the mill installed at Chihuidos Sur, Province of Neuquén, ArgentinaThis project was intended to pilot test - in the frame of an agreement signed between INVAP and the Ministry of Production and Tourism of the Province of Neuquén - the installation of windmills in isolated locations, particularly to obtain water from underground reservoirs.


In November 2005, INVAP carried out studies of the site and measurements of water availability.  The equipment was installed and first tests were performed.  During the subsequent months water tanks, tank feed pipes, waterhole return pipes and house water supply pipes were installed, and the whole system started to function.

House owner\'s children near the windmill.Our goal was reached: rural inhabitants were provided with plenty of water, and they were able to develop their own orchards, thus improving their diet, and even enlarge the area of pastures to increase the number of cattle they raise. In short, a better quality of life.