Blade of the hydrokinetic turbine prototype built by INVAPThis submerged turbine channels the water flow, locally increasing water speed until it reaches a level adequate for power generation.   Though the development  is quite similar in design from our air generators, the blades hydraulic profiles are different.

Its fixed rotor, mounted on a multipole permanent magnet generator, capable of producing variable voltage and frequency.  It also has the power electronics required to deliver AC 220v/380v – 50 Hz.

During development of the product, INVAP designed and constructed a sub-scale rotor (of around 1 Kw), to test it in a river.  Once the test was done, different versions of venturi were simulated by CFD in order to obtain the most efficient venturi-rotor assembly.

The first prototype was manufactured with a rotor-generator assembly of some 4,5 Kw, with two twin rotors, particularly adequate for shallow rivers.  A final power of 9-10 KW/unit is thus obtained.

The assembly "Rotor - Venturi - Generator", of some 30 Kw of power/unit, is a medium-power module suited to 30, 60 and 90 kW turbines; power is obtained attaching one, two or three rotors.

INVAP\'s goal is to offer commercial turbines of different power, in a wide range, according to different requirements and characteristics of available water courses.  In the near future, it is our intention to produce turbines of more than 1 MW to be used in wave energy applications.