Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcast Stations. Images belonging to the National Department of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services.

In the context of the UNASUR Summit held in San Carlos de Bariloche, in August 2009, Argentina adopted the Japanese-Brazilian standard —ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting)— to develop the Argentine System of Digital Terrestrial Television (SATVD-T, in Spanish).

From the beginning, INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) starts to take part in the process of the National Platform of Digital Terrestrial Television implementation by being hired by AR-SAT S.A (Argentine company for satellite solutions) in January 2010 to build 52 relay stations.

Since then, INVAP has worked on the different aspects required for the implementation and deployment of Digital Television in the country in close contact with the National Department of Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services (MINPLAN, in Spanish), the company AR-SAT S.A., the SATVD-T Advisor Council, the National Communication Commission and the National University of San Martín.

Reception and transmission antennas, at San Carlos de Bariloche facilities.Assemblage at Mariano Moreno Base

After building the integration facility at Mariano Moreno Base that belongs to the Argentine Air Force, INVAP starts with the stages of assemblage, functional tests and installation of the first broadcast stations. The first one is finished in September 2010 in the city of Campana, which joins the broadcast station donated by the Japanese government located in the headquarters of the National Ministry of Social Development, in the city of Buenos Aires.

After this installation many others have taken place in different provinces of the country according to the deployment plan agreed. This is an outstanding example of celerity given the magnitude of the project.

The interior of the shelter, at San Carlos de Bariloche facilities.

Moroever, INVAP presides over the SATVD-T Advisory Forum organized by the MINPLAN and the SATVD Advisor Council. This Forum was created as a coordinating body between the private and public sectors in order to implement the new system. And the issues dealt with are related to technical standards, national production, job creation and content promotion.

The Argentine Digital television System is still exponentially growing, therefore, the number of stations to be installed as well as the number of signals of those places where stations had already been installed are expected to increase.

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Open Digital Television (TDA, in Spanish)

The interior of the shelter, at San Carlos de Bariloche facilities.