UNISIM Radiotherapy universal simulator is an essential tool for improving the quality of radiotherapy treatment.  Tumors can be located, its size and position relative to other organs determine, the protection requirements and the exact size of the field established and the beam entry and exit points set to ensure proper patient marking. Furthermore, it may be used to verify brachitherapy implants.

UNISIM Radiotherapy Universal Simulator developed by INVAP

It uses a conventional source of X-rays to simulate the actual treatment beam.  Besides, it can reproduce with great precision most of the positions and movements of typical teletherapy equipment.  Images may be registered on X-ray films or viewed through the radioscopy system monitor display.

UNISIM may be used to simulate treatment involving both cobalt units and linear accelerators, with equivalent geometric conditions for the accessories.

Main features:

. Isocentric design.
. Source to isocenter distance: variable from 60 to 120 cm.
. Isocenter height: 130 cm.
. Computer control system, with control console and room monitor display.
. Infrared manual control of all unit movements.
. Room monitor that displays the value of different parameters with large-size digits.
. Fully motorized stretcher.  Manual movements in standard operation are optional, except for vertical movement.
. High frequency X-ray generator.  Equipped with a radioscopy system.
. Image system that holds the last image, with the option of saving multiple images.
. X-ray-transparent carbon fiber table.


TERADI 800 is an isocentric Cobalt-60 teletherapy system designed to be loaded with high activity sources, with a load capacity of 200 RMM.  The source-axis distance is 80 cm. Achievable fields are regular, either square or rectangular.  The maximum field distance to the isocenter is 35x35 cm and the smallest is 5x5 cm.

TERADI-800 – Cobalt-60 Teletherapy system developed by INVAP

The control system is computerized.  A special panel located on the console and the computer is the interface between the operator and the equipment.

In kinetic treatments (rotation or arc), the control system may calculates and determines the angular speed for the rotary gantry, in order to comply with the preset time and angle. Three independent clocks guarantee the proper of the treatment and its completion in due time.

A sound and reliable pneumatic system is used for source activation; the system is easy to maintain and replacing the source is simple.  The collimator is motorized and has two-speed opening, closing and rotation movements.

TERADI is provided with two options of beds.  The manual bed features a two-speed motorized vertical movement while in the other model all movements are motorized and two-speed.  Both beds have panels that may be removed in one piece or in halves, providing high versatility; the headrest may be placed at either ends. Rails may be fitted along both sides for fixing accessories.