INVAP Medical Systems designs, calculates and builds treatment and simulation rooms according to the clients’ requirements.

Universidad Central de Venezuela Hospital.  TERADI 800, assembling the couch and headrest

When designing teletherapy treatment and simulation rooms, the following tasks are performed:

. Preliminary architectural design, harmonically integrating the bunker to the already-existing building.
. Calculation of the shielding requirements of the equipment to install.
. Drafting of the Calculation Report with indication of wall, door and ceiling thickness, providing specification of the materials to use, plant drawings and section views to submit to the corresponding Regulatory Authority.
. Advising to the client during the proceedings before the Regulatory Authority.
. Structural calculation of the bunker and construction details necessary for the equipment to be installed.  Full engineering project.
. Construction and works management.
. Installation of all necessary auxiliary units, such as air conditioning, closed-circuit television, intercoms, area monitors with external alarms.
. Installation of treatment and/or simulation equipment.
. Calculation and modification of existent rooms, when the equipment installed is being replaced by higher power equipment.

UNISIM Universal Radiotherapy Simulator installed at Antonio Patricio Hospital, Alcalá, Venezuela