In 2005, INVAP S.E. (an Argentine state-owned applied research company) started to develop the first primary 3D long-range radar. By the end of 2007, the General Direction of Military Manufacturing and INVAP signed a contract for the design, development, construction, operation and certification of a Long Range 3D Primary Radar Prototype (RP3DLAP, in Spanish).

In September 2014, the testing processes of the prototype finished and showed that it satisfied all the requirements established in the contract. Thus, the mass production was authorized. Nowadays, there are two contracts in execution that will supply 12 RPA3DLA to be installed for frontier control.

The development and manufacturing process involves not only INVAP, the national government, the National Ministry of Defense and the Argentine Air Force, but also a significant number of organizations dependent on the National Scientific and Technical areas and hundreds of small and medium national enterprises committed to the technological development.

Thanks to the national technology more than 80% of the product's price corresponds to national technology and labor. Only slightly more than 15% of the radar's price is assembled with parts imported from other countries.

This development is included in the National System of Aerospace Surveillance and Control (SINVICA, in Spanish), which determines the needs of the country in order to achieve complete control of the air space for collaborative civil aviation as well as for defense and illegal flight control.

altMain characteristics of the Argentine Primary Radar (RPA, in Spanish)

• Operation frequency in L-band (D-band)
• Frequency agility within the available bandwidth
• Configurable operating modes
• Completely programmable pulse parameters
• Completely solid-state electronics and transmission/receivers modules
• 3-D with electronic scanning in elevation
• Monopulse antenna with low secondary lobe levels
• Digital processing of signals with MTI, CFAR, MTD/Doppler
• Clutter map automatically updated
• Secondary Radar (IFF)
• Plot-to-track association processor
• Output format: Asterix
• Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM)
• New design with cutting-edge technologies (high reliability, long-term logistic support)
• Integrated monitoring of the whole system
• Radar environment simulator
• Instrumented range: 5 - 240 NM
• Maximum height: 100 K feet
• Remote operation
• Transportable by air, land or sea.
• Easy deployment in situ

+ INFO: A 3D long-range radar was inaugurated in Formosa

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