G0011505The Board of Directors defines the general company policies and procedures as well as its commercial orientation. It approves the investment plan and evaluates the performance and results of the Management.

Two of the seven members of the BOD are appointed by the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), four by the Government of the Río Negro Province and one is elected by the company personnel.

The BOD is currently formed as follows:


Lic. Héctor Otheguy

Deputy Chairman:

Lic. Hugo Albani

Members of the Board:

Lic. Osvaldo Calzetta Larrieu 
Lic. Facundo Abel Deluchi
Dr. Néstor Pablo Tognetti
Ing. Hugo Brendstrup
Ing. Christian Tisot
Dr. Claudio Solari
Ing. Guillermo Padín Zabal
Ing. Juan Ignacio Apanasionek
Ing. Guillermo Gastaldi


C.P.N. Javier Augusto Vermeulen
Dra. Aurelia Patricia Schepis
Dr. Américo Alberto Antoniotti

Deputy Syndics:

Dr. Sebastián Arrondo
C.P.N. Natalia Marisa Vega Soto
Cdor. Fabián Becerra