Sustained Effort / Long-term Responsibility

Occupational Safety and Health, Environment and Quality Division

The Company's policy for the development of the Quality Management System is based on the requirements set by the ISO 9001 standard. As a general rule, it is part of INVAP policies to apply Environmental and Quality Management procedures to Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Assembling and Startup Operations. Since the company works with a project-oriented approach, each technological project has its own particular Environmental and Quality Management System, suited to special internal, contractual or product requirements or to the particular requirements of the country in which the product will be installed.

According to the experience of INVAP, which covers a large number of projects implying very different technologies (nuclear, aerospace, petrochemical, automation, eolic energy, cobalt therapy equipment and more), it is necessary to assign different levels of quality to different items in a project, to achieve a reliable but yet flexible system at suitable costs.  This way, systems and equipment with the highest qualification of safety and reliability also qualify for the highest Quality Management levels.  Finally, by following documentation requirements at each level, it is possible to audit each one of the significant steps, even after work is complete.

Finally, we may point out that our quality management system has been initially certified by an external body in November, 1999 to ISO 9001:1994 international standard. This certification has been updated to ISO 9001:2000 standard in June, 2003 and a new update to  ISO 9001:2008 standard has been done in April 2009.  As from 1999, the certifying body had been requested to perform a half-yearly control audit, in order to closely monitor the system.  However, as from the last certification in April 2009, and due to the effectiveness of our system, it has been agreed that this control auditing be held once a year, which is the usual requested frequency.  On the other hand, the Environmental Management System has been initially certified in June, 2005, to ISO 14001:1996 standard, for all its activities in Argentina. In 2006 this certification was updated to ISO 14001:2004. In Februrary 2018 the Quality and Environmental Management System certification was renewed to the version 2015 of ISO 9001 and 14001 standards respectively.

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INVAP policies agree with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. INVAP is committed to continue the upholding of this initiative, as well as to expand its principles in its sphere of influence.

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