The General Management is in charge of all the actions necessary to implement and carry out the company policies and general guidelines as established by the Board of Directors.

The General Manager duties are:

  • Report to the Board of Directors as Chief Executive Officer, regarding the implementation of company policies.
  • Legally represent the company.
  • Periodically report to the Board of Directors on the progress, results and general situation of the company.
  • Approve tenders and business contracts
  • Decide over the execution of projects.
  • Decide over the operating capacity of the company.
  • Decide over Human Resources policies.
  • Determine the company Quality Assurance policy.
  • Appoint and remove Area Managers and other key executive officers in charge of critical areas of the company.
  • Appoint Project Leaders upon suggestion of the Area Managers.


Dr. Vicente Campenni, General Manager & CEO

Ing. Marcelo Basigalup, Deputy Manager

Lic. Carlos Montenegro, Deputy Manager