invap valores


To be a world-class company in the field of technological projects and a leading player in the development of Argentina.


To develop and carry out technological projects providing strategic value to our customers in the context of a self-sustaining company.
To create genuine sources of employment, fostering growth amongst our personnel and the communities within which we work, holding true to our commitment to the protection of the environment.


  • Ethics and Integrity. We are a socially responsible company committed to integrity and transparency.
  • Teamwork. We are committed to common goals and we share the responsibility of the results of the actions of our company.
  • Commitment. We spare no effort to reach our objectives; we share a sense of belonging. We are the company.
  • Professionalism. We carry ourselves responsibly doing our utmost to achieve excellence; we take each challenge face on. We put experience gained to the enhancement of our capacities.
  • Communication. We foster dialogue, we miss no opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, listen to and understand one other.
  • Respect. We appreciate the views and opinions of our staff, our people are our assets, and as such, they are taken into account at decision making.
  • Motivation. Each and every employee is of value to the company. We have clear, challenging objectives. We bring enthusiasm to work, we love our jobs.
  • Austerity. At every level of the company we are mindful of the efficient use of our resources, eschewing waste on the unnecessary or superfluous.
  • Creativity and Innovation. We seek to push the envelope, blazing the trail for every project we undertake.
  • Audacity. We are not daunted by highly challenging projects. We know we are able to develop them and bring them to completion. If a problem needs solving we will find the key. Our teams are imbued with affirmative willingness.
  • Success. We meet our aims and we honor our commitments. We are confident that we enrich the community we live in.
  • Profit. We generate the financial resources necessary to ensure the continued growth of our company and our income.
  • Flexibility. When change we must,change we do. We do not adhere to entrenchment: we are always willing to adapt to new scenarios.
  • Knowledge. We keep ourselves updated, we study and train, we keep ourselves mentally and emotionally braced to do our best.