16 September 2016

INVAP’s aim is to work in collaboration with the National System of Science and Technology, our customers and suppliers in promoting the strategic use of the purchasing power of the national government and the technical education development at schools, training institutes and universities.

We believe that technical education is fundamental to train students so they can contribute to consolidate a sustainable development model, relate knowledge with productive innovation and reduce technological dependency. Thus, this year, we redefined our strategy and began promoting technical education as one of the keys of our community programs.

INVAP has an active policy to employ professionals and technicians from different places of the country. This is achieved by working hard together with universities and institutes through internships programs, supervised professional training and the incorporation of young professionals, emphasizing in-house training. Currently, the company has 34 cooperation agreements with national state-owned and private universities. Besides, it has been involved itself in:

  • Training: Professionals and technicians from several areas and with different academic training devote part of their working time to delivering classes at universities so that students have the possibility of being trained by teachers with experience in high-tech project management.
  • Suppliers’ development: Hard work is carried out to strengthen and advise institutes and university centers with the aim of developing and increasing potentialities as qualified suppliers of advanced technology.

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INVAP and the community – Business Social Responsibility – 2016