Space as a strategic resource

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INVAP values space as a calculated resource for the overall welfare of humanity. We develop such technology for the purposes of communication and observation of the Earth. Utilizing the necessary infrastructures and people, we manage each project with precision from the beginning designs to the final completion, striving for excellence in every stage.

  • Satellites and Scientific Applications
  • Communication Satellites
  • Equipment and Components
  • High-tech test center
  • Geo Information
  • Consulting
  • Capabilities

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Design, manufacturing, testing, orbit placement and operation of satellites

We are the only Latin American company with the experience and capability to provide complete satellite projects.

Innovative and sustainable solutions

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Design and construction of complex technological systems

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INVAP is known worldwide as a leading company in technological projects actively supporting Argentine development. With more than 40 years of experience, INVAP develops high-end technological systems in the areas of Nuclear; Space; Defense, Security & Environment; and Medical Systems.