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Every day our nuclear technology brings precise, critical advancements to the medical field in diagnostic studies and treatments for cancer. Both in the public and private sector alike, INVAP excels in bringing experience and leading-edge technology to communities around the world.

  • Supply of brachytherapy, radiant therapy, proton therapy, and radiopharmacy equipment, complete with validation and commissioning process.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance programs, warranty, and spare parts.
  • Construction of turn-key radiotherapy centers.
  • Bunker design, shielding calculations, construction and monitoring of facilities built according to local rules and regulations.
  • On-site clinical training programs including operation and maintenance for professionals in the area.

Our main commitment is to provide nuclear medical solutions for anyone and everyone.

We are the official distributors of radiotherapy, brachytherapy and radiotherapy equipment in Argentina.
25 ongoing contracts servicing both public and private clients for preventive and corrective maintenance of installed equipment.
10 Nuclear Medicine Centers established in Argentina, 19 in Venezuela and 3 underway in Bolivia.

We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

INVAP makes it possible to acquire the latest technological equipment for diagnosis and treatment of cancer both in Argentina and in other Latin American countries.

Our business partners

INVAP is the exclusive representative in Argentina of leading companies in equipment and clinical management for cancer treatment, dosimetry and immobilization.


Having more than 10 years experience with national and international clients, INVAP has been carrying out highly complex projects involving the following stages and processes.

Some of our clients

Design and construction of complex technological systems

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INVAP is known worldwide as a leading company in technological projects actively supporting Argentine development. With more than 40 years of experience, INVAP develops high-end technological systems in the areas of Nuclear; Space; Defense, Security & Environment; and Medical Systems.