OPAL in Australia

The Open Pool Australian Light-water reactor (OPAL) is a multi-purpose facility mainly devoted to radioisotope production which constituted the largest turn-key technological export in argentine history.

It is located in the city of Lucas Heights, 35 km southwest of the city of Sydney, Australia. This 20 MW pool-type reactor operates with low enrichment uranium and uses demineralized water as a coolant.

It is one of the most complex and reliable research reactors in the world that not only supplies radioisotopes to the Australian market (and to other countries) but also provides silicon irradiation services to the high technology microelectronic industry around the world.

In the academic field, the OPAL reactor is Australia’s major center for research in materials science and also serves as an educational and training facility for several engineering and scientific fields that use neutron beams as a source of knowledge.

The building that hosts the OPAL reactor is an earthquake-resistant structure that is also capable of bearing the impact of small aircrafts.