4 October 2022

The commemoration ceremony for the 150th anniversary of the National Meteorological Service (SMN, in Spanish) was held at the Agency’s headquarters in Capital Federal.

It was presided over by Dr. Celeste Saulo, Director of the National Meteorological Service. The President of the Argentine Nation, Dr. Alberto Fernández together with the Minister of Defense, Jorge Taiana, among other national authorities and special guests and members of the SMN were present at the ceremony. On behalf of INVAP, it was attended by the President of the Board of Directors, Lic. Hugo Albani; the General Management’s Advisor, Eng. Gustavo Cabrera; and the Deputy Manager of Defense, Security and Environment, Eng. Micaela Rodrigo. Awards were given to individuals and organizations that have been fundamental to the institution’s life.

Founded in 1872, being the first agency in the southern hemisphere, the SMN provides weather information and forecasts, climate outlooks and warnings, based on the continuous monitoring of the atmosphere and the scientific knowledge, with the aim to protect the people, promote sustainable development and contribute to the national defense.

It has an observation network with 125 meteorological stations throughout the whole Argentine territory, including the 6 bases in Antarctica. Thanks to the measurements of the SMN, Argentina can know the variations in its climate and the impact of climate change. The extensive record of meteorological data collected by the Agency is recognized worldwide for its contribution to the knowledge of these problems. Seven of the weather stations are centenarian and secular.

INVAP and the National Meteorological Service have a long-standing track record of joint work, a relationship that was strengthened during the development of the Argentine System of Meteorological Radars (SINARAME, in Spanish), a project of the National Secretariat Office of Water Resources (SIPH, in Spanish) with the collaboration of INVAP and the SMN. Our relationship was also reinforced by the Relámpago-CACTI projects, in which we took part by providing logistic and technological support to the international scientific community participating in the project, which was largely led by the SMN. Besides, we participated in the successful project to improve capabilities and the development of technologies for the services currently provided by the SMN.

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