12 March 2020

In the context of the 2020 Expoagro Fair, which is taking in the city of San Nicolás, Province of Buenos Aires, the companies CICARÉ, MARINELLI and INVAP presented for the first time the development prototype of the RUAS 160, an unmanned helicopter system that may be used for industrial agricultural purposes. The system has, among other functions, the capacity to carry out high-level phytosanitary tasks. 

The presentation took place in a press conference moderated by Héctor Huergo, with the participation of Juan Manuel Cicaré, Nicolás Marinelli and Darío Giussi, INVAP’s Radar, Defense and Security Projects Manager. 

The RUAS 160 introduces a new technology for agriculture, since it is a compact, affordable, and multi-mission Unmanned Aerial System with rotating wings, based on national developments.  

It has an automatic takeoff and landing system that guarantees full independence on land or in a ship; single-engine or twin-piston engine configuration options; a modular payload system and a counter-rotating coaxial rotor, which make it unique in its kind. It provides a higher level of performance, reliability and safety compared to other unmanned aerial systems.

Its maximum takeoff weight complies with the aeronautic regulations, which demand it to be kept below 150 kg, and it can carry a payload of 80 kg including fuel and mission sensors.

Due to its modularity, it provides a unique balance between long-range configuration for patrolling and medium-range for commercial agricultural applications. Its ability to switch between its multiple configurations offers it the appropriate flexibility for a swift deployment and for meeting all the needs of search and rescue missions, border and sea surveillance, patrolling, natural disasters support, and others.

The RUAS system has been designed according to the standards of manned aviation systems, ensuring its reliability in all types of missions. Its materials and components are protected against corrosion, rain and strong winds. Due to its light weight and compact size, it can be maneuvered in small spaces and under severe weather conditions.