ETRR-2 Reactor in Egypt

INVAP was responsible for the engineering and total management of the ETRR-2 reactor that was built for the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (AEA).

It is a multi-purpose reactor that produces radioisotopes and is also used for research in the fields of neutron physics, materials science, nuclear fuel, and boron neutron capture therapies.

The reactor has several irradiation channels, hot cells, and other equipment for research purposes as well as a bunker specially designed for experimental oncological treatment with Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT). It also includes a neutron radiography system for materials and components, and another similar system inside the tank for underwater analysis of highly activated samples. One of the hot cells, which is adjacent to the upper edge of the pool, has been designed for the handling of test equipment that is commonly used in materials science.