RA-6 reactor in Argentina

The RA6 reactor was started in 1982, making it the first research reactor that was fully built by INVAP.

It is located in San Carlos de Bariloche, at the Bariloche Atomic Center (CAB), a research and development center of the Argentine National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA). Hundreds of local and foreign professionals were trained in the RA-6 to become physicists, engineers, nuclear radiochemists, and experts in materials science.

Thanks to the simple and versatile design of this pool-type research reactor and a core that is subject to variable settings, the reactor operates as a multipurpose unit.

The RA-6 played a key role in strategically positioning Argentina as an exporter of nuclear technology. Foreign experts that are nuclear authorities in their own countries today and potential partners or buyers of Argentine technology have been trained there. This facility, flawlessly and timely delivered, was not only built according to the budget but was also the first evidence of our capability to design and perform complex projects.