Geo information

In 2016, INVAP created a company called FRONTEC, a technological platform based on processing the massive data collected from remote sensing. This platform applies software technologies and data science to monitor large areas of the planet and to generate timely and pertinent information for its customers.

The first niche-market platform FRONTEC commercially operated has been destined to agriculture. With this vertical platform of FRONTEC-Agro, agricultural producers make better agronomic management decisions in each lot or simplify their production process. The clients of FRONTEC-Agro specify on the platform the quantity of fertilizer or seeds to apply in each area of the lot. From there they can configure the output of the machine and analyze the quality of their work, monitor the growth of their crops as well as receive notifications when an abnormality is detected in the growth of a certain area. When this occurs, they measure each pixel on the screen and review the performance of the decisions that were made. These features allow for increased profitability per ton produced and reduce the impact on the environment. Clients can access the platform online while using their mobile devices in the field. A distinguished group of the country’s leading agricultural production companies implement the services of FRONTEC Agro while others in the agro-industrial value chain, such as input marketers and grain traders, are using business intelligence products.

The platform also has the capability to serve other business verticals such as defense, security, mining, environment, and petroleum.