Commitment and responsibility


INVAP promises to deliver the client’s required solutions while caring for people and the environment. Integrated Policy


Since 2004, INVAP adheres to the United Nations Global Compact with the aim of supporting, upholding, and expanding the implementation of the 10 Principles. These guidelines have been part of the company’s foundation since the beginning: respect for human rights, value of education, integrity of activities, respect for the environment, and well as generating a respectful work environment for people that value diversity. Beginning this year, we put together the Communications on Progress (CoPs) where we evaluate the upholding commitment of INVAP’s stated values on a yearly basis.


In 2012, we implemented a Sustainability Report that gave us a tool allowing us to measure, account for, and effectively communicate quality information about our activities as they relate to sustainability. To accomplish this, we measure our performance by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) internationally approved standards that monitor fundamental aspects of management.
This report reflects the various ways INVAP generates value economically, environmentally, and socially with respect to its stakeholders, thereby maintaining sustainable development.

Who we are


Being born in Nahuel Huapi National Park makes us who we are, always aware of and committed to environmental protection and stewardship.


We advocate a lifestyle where we personalize the idea of our company’s sustainability while balancing the economic, environmental, and social features.


We are flexible, we adapt to meet the needs of our clients.


The preventative approach to caring for people is key as we complete our activities.


We try to interweave our cultures and involve people through training, communication, and accompaniment/coaching.

How we do our job


  • We prepare, plan, and equip ourselves to develop the solutions our clients require.
  • Early on, we identify the environmental consequences of our products and services so we can understand and minimize our impacts.
  • We are proactive in spotting situations that may pose a risk to people and we find solutions. We practice risk assessment for individuals and look for solutions: • Elimination • Substitution • Engineering controls • Administrative checks • Safety gear.


  • We know what we do is challenging and that is exactly what motivates us. Our Integrated Management System guarantees we combine our vision with our values of professionalism, responsibility, and teamwork. By applying this practice, we are more efficient and effective while also reducing the associated risks that come with our activities.


  • We test and verify what we do, confirming the results are what the client is expecting.
  • We are committed to providing safe working environments and have checks in place to make sure they are maintained on a regular basis.
  • We diligently monitor our activities and impacts to demonstrate we are upholding the requirements and improving environmental performance.
  • We conduct ongoing internal audits and we are subject to external audits on a regular basis to ensure the managing systems work as they should.


  • We improve and learn from past experiences to make things better and better as we grow.
  • Everyone’s participation at INVAP is vital as we evolve as a company and adapt to the changing circumstances.