15 February

2013-2015 INVAP’s Sustainability Report

INVAP’s 2013-2015 Sustainability Report, also available on the web page of the United Nations Global Compact, reflects the multiple ways in which INVAP generates economic, environmental and social values for its interest groups. Besides, this report shows the company’s values and its management model, including its policies, programs and projects.

Global Pact is an initiative of the United Nations integrated by more than 12.000 organizations that have agreed to align their strategy and operations with the universal principles concerning human rights, labor standards, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption. In 2014, INVAP received the recognition of the Argentine Network for the United Nations Global Compact for its 10-year continuing commitment to the initiative.

For more information about INVAP’s achievements, new learning acquired and horizons as regards sustainability, click on the link below.