The Board

The mission of the Board of Directors is to set the overall company policy. It also defines the lines of business, approves the investment plan, and evaluates the performance and results of the General Management. There are seven members of the Board, four of which are appointed by the Province of Rio Negro, two by the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the remaining one is elected by the company’s staff.

The current Board is comprised of the following individuals:

Lic. Hugo Albani

Vice President:
Dsñ. Ind. Daniel Sanguinetti

Permanent Directors:
Dra. Adriana Serquis
Dra. Verónica Garea
Ing. Hugo Brendstrup
Dr. Alberto Baruj
Téc. Luis E. Billinger Mancioli

Deputy Directors:
Lic. Bibiana Cruz
Lic. Eduardo Santos
Dr. Alberto Lamagna
Dr. Diego Hurtado Mendoza
Mrs. María Isabel Ballesteros

Statutory Auditors:
Dra. Aurelia Schepis
C.P.N. Carlos Gardella
C.P.N. Christian Etchevarne

Deputy Statutory Auditors:
C.P.N. Yoanna Maribel García
Dr. Sebastián Arrondo
Dr. Américo Antoniotti

Our Senior Officers

The General Manager carries out all special actions to fulfill both general policies and company policies established by the Board.

The role of the General Manager

  • Reports to the Board as the top executive, accounting for the administration of the company’s policies.
  • Legally represents the company.
  • Informs the Board on the progress, results, and advancement of the company.
  • Approves the tenders and contracts.
  • Decides on execution of projects.
  • Uses the operational capacity of the company.
  • Lays out the policy for human resources.
  • Defines the company’s quality assurance policy.
  • Designates and removes managers and those responsible for critical positions in the company.
  • Approves the selected Project Directors proposed by the Division Managers.

Dr. Vicente Campenni

General Manager

Vicente Campenni is the current General Manager and CEO of INVAP. He graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. He has a PhD in Physics with a specialization in Materials Science. He joined the company in 1988 as a specialist in material selection and fault analysis while developing welding processes for nuclear projects carried out under the CNEA -INVAP contracts.

In the 1990’s when the Argentine Space Agency (CONAE) was developing the satellite program in Argentina, Vicente was responsible for the developments and mechanical testing. INVAP played a role in the development of processes for the manufacturing of composite materials and in the environmental testing of satellite projects. Also in the context of the projects between CONAE and INVAP, Vicente was the Project Manager for the development of satellite components, leading the early phase of the contract for the SAOCOM mission. He helped facilitate the contracts between ARSAT and INVAP and was the Program Manager for the initial series of geostationary satellites ARSAT 1 and 2 in Argentina.

Ing. Marcelo Basigalup

Assistant General Manager

Marcelo Basigalup is currently an Assistant General Manager of INVAP. Before his current position, he served in various areas and activities for the company. He was the Head of Instrumentation and Control of Nuclear Reactors during the project development of the reactor that was sold to Australia. He was also in charge of the Electronics Sector in the Aerospace Division and the Project Head of the development of a Three-Dimensional Primary Radar.

He assisted in engineering and development work for the RA-8 reactor in Pilcaniyeu, Argentina, and of the reactor projects sold to Algeria, to Egypt (the ETTR reactor), and to Australia (the RRRP reactor). Professionally, he is a Telecommunication Engineer from the National University of La Plata and he has taught electronics and established doctorate level curriculums as well as served as an international authority in nuclear instrumentation issues.

Lic. Carlos Montenegro

Assistant General Manager

Carlos Montenegro is the other Assistant General Manager of INVAP since 2018 and Chief Financial and Administrative Officer since 1993. While working for our company in Buenos Aires, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Argentina de Empresa.

Before his current position, Carlos served in various roles and responsibilities in INVAP since 1978 including Planning, Project Management Control, Administration of the Buenos Aires Office, Purchasing and Investment Planning, and Assistant Manager of Finances. Since 1993, he has held the position of Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.