We pride ourselves on managing highly complex projects from the beginning stages of the initial inspiration to the final execution and delivery of the product. Expertly meeting the client product and service needs, INVAP comprehensively manages all stages of a system from the first consultations to the final turn-key results. All projects have the same end goal: to enhance the quality of life and contribute to sustainable growth.

The foundational activities of INVAP are focused on the following areas: Nuclear, Aerospace, Defense, Security & Environment, and Medical Equipment. We have not only researched and designed radioisotope production reactors in various parts of the world but also manufactured low-orbit satellites for observation and communication, several industrial plants, radar systems (air traffic control, defense, and weather) as well as radiotherapy centers and other products and facilities.

INVAP is a company owned by the province of Rio Negro that works hand in hand with other various Argentine organizations such as the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), the National Commission of Space Activities (CONAE) as well as collaborating with the Ministry of Defense & Security, Armed Forces and the National System of Science, Technology & Innovation.

Cooperating on an international level, we work alongside various organizations including the National Aeronautics & Space Association (NASA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO), the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA), the Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN), and the Pallas Foundation of the Netherlands.
Our headquarters are in San Carlos de Bariloche with other offices throughout Argentina and abroad. Our INVAP team consists of over 1,000 employees, 80% of which are highly trained professionals and specialists in their field of expertise.

INVAP is certified under ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management) standards.


To be a world-class company in the field of technological projects and play a leading role in the development of Argentina.


To develop and carry out technological projects providing strategic value to our clients in the context of a self-sustaining company. To create authentic employment opportunities by encouraging professional growth in the company and as well as development of the community while being a good steward of the environment.


  • Ethics and Integrity. We are a socially responsible company committed to operating in integrity and transparency.
  • Teamwork. We are dedicated to the common objective and we share the responsibility of the results of our company’s actions.
  • Commitment.We are thoroughly committed to our objectives and take personal responsibility for the company we have created and developed. We are the company.
  • Professionalism. We operate in the standards expected of professionals without being hindered by the challenges we face. We become more refined from the experiences we have gained to enhance our company overall.
  • Communication.We value open dialogue and create opportunities for staff to express themselves, listen to others, and understand one another.
  • Respect. We recognize that each of us come with different valuable opinions that we appreciate and take into consideration when making decisions.
  • Motivation.We have defined goals and challenges that drive each member to not only accomplish what is needed but thrive in our work and love what we do.
  • Moderation. We are careful to steward our resources wisely and efficiently on all levels, avoiding waste and excessiveness in the company.
  • Creativity and Innovation. We are visionaries on the cutting edge in our field, trailblazing new frontiers.
  • Confidence. We stand firm in our convictions to develop and execute whatever challenging projects lie in our path. When problems arise, we know there are solutions to be found. Together we are a positive and strong team with passion.
  • Success. We accomplish our goals and commitments as we support and enrich the community we live in.
  • Profitability.We generate the financial resources to ensure the continued growth of the company and our income.
  • Flexibility. We remain adaptable to circumstances as needed.
  • Knowledge. We thirst for knowledge, diligently study, and constantly prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, and scholastically to give our best at all times.

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