20 May 2010

17-11-2003 – On November 7, 2003 INVAP hosted a visit of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP):

IThe ICRP is an international independent non-governmental scientific organization founded in 1928 with the purpose of promoting radiological protection and providing recommendations and guidance on all aspects of the protection of health against ionising radiation.

This year´s meeting of the almost 100 prominent specialists from around the world bertaining to different ICRP committees took place in Buenos Aires. The customary follow-up meeting of the ICRP Board was held in San Carlos de Bariloche and included a courtesy encounter with local specialists of the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission, the Balseiro Institute and INVAP. The purpose of the gathering, which was held at INVAP installations in Villa Golf, was to foster information exchange between the ICRP and its audience.

INVAP´s activities in the nuclear field follow the international radiation safety standards and, therefore make regular use of the ICRP recommendations.