31 January

Today, Mrs. Norma Boero, President of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina (CNEA) and her counterpart Dr. Odair Dias Gonçalves, President of the National Atomic Energy Commission of Brazil (CNEN) signed a cooperation agreement to build two new multipurpose research reactors.

Both reactors, that will be dedicated to the production of radioisotopes and fuel and materials irradiation testing and research with neutron beams, will have 30MW of power and their design will be similar to the OPAL (Open Pool Australian Light -water) reactor, which was designed and built by INVAP for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) and inaugurated on April 2007.
The agreement, signed during the first official visit of Brazilian President Mrs. Dilma Rousseff to Argentina, establishes that both CNEA and CNEN, together with other authorities, will intensify their efforts to develop reactors in cooperation, as a means of reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the process.