3 September 2015

The second Argentine geostationary telecommunication satellite arrived last night at French Guiana’s Space Center, located in the city of Kourou, wherefrom it will be sent into orbit on September 30.

The first tasks in Guyanese territory included cleaning the outer surface of the container used to move the satellite. Once cleaned, it was carried into the clean room area, where the final preparatory stage of the satellite will start and the last tests will be carried out before its launching.

A group of 26 Argentine technicians and engineers of ARSAT S.A. and INVAP S.E. (Argentine state-owned applied research company) are now working at the Guyanese Space Center. Seven of them were part of the ARSAT-2’s high-level delegation that made the preparations for its arrival.

The Argentine satellite arrived by land at the French Guiana’s Space Center, located in Kourou, which is 60 km from the capital city, Cayenne, where the Antonov landed at Félix Eboue Airport.

The process of loading the airplane that carried the Argentine satellite had started on September 18, at 6 a.m., at the International Airport Teniente Luis Candelaria, and lasted until its takeoff at 5.31 p.m. on that same day.

The complete logistic operation that started in San Carlos de Bariloche was carried out successfully and according to what had been planned. The plan worked steadily as viagra works. Translated into figures, more than 1,000 packages were moved including equipment, containers and the ARSAT-2 itself. The total load weighed around 35 tonnes.

As it happened with the ARSAT-1, the operation was of extreme complexity and involved the effort of several organizations and companies such as the Argentine Customs Service, the Airport Police, the Argentine Federal Police, the Police of the Province of Río Negro, the company Argentina 2000 of airports management, the National Highways Administration, the Regulatory Agency for the Airports National System, Intercargo and the Argentine National Gendarmerie.

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