C-Band Weather Radar


The RMA-C320 is a linear dual-polarization Doppler weather radar operating in C-band.

It can be configured to scan the atmosphere up to 480 km from radar, 360 degrees around, sweeping from 1 degree below the horizon up to 90 degrees in elevation.

The radar generates the data corresponding to the coverage volume by transmitting microwave pulses and processing the echoes due to hydrometeors (rain, snow, hail) and other non-meteorological sources such as flocks of birds, buildings, mountains, etc.

By processing this data, users can locate the position of different echo sources and determine the speed at which they move, classify them by type, and estimate the amount of precipitated water.

Numerical models can also be used to make good short-term forecasts.

The RMA output data format is compatible with standard open source meteorological data processing software: PyART, TITAN and Baltrad.

Radar configuration, control, diagnosis, and operation are perfomed through simple and intuitive graphical interfaces. This drastically accelerates the personnel learning curve, minimizing the time and costs new units deployment and commissioning.

INVAP guarantees logistical support and after-sales service with a low cost and a minimum response time. INVAP also offers real training and technology transfer proven by more than 40 years of experience in developing complex projects.

Main features

Advanced technology with high reliability.
Wide dynamic range receiver, based on dual channel implementation.
Receiver setup on the pedestal to improve sensitivity.
Simultaneous double polarization in transmission and reception.
Alternate dual polarization capability available upon request.
Unattended remote operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Comprehensive fault identification system (BIT).

Product sheet

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