Bunker Design

Turn-key Projects

Prioritizing the safety of clinical and technical personnel

Our team of architects and engineers have the necessary skills and experience to design bunkers that are capable of accommodating the necessary equipment for the treatment of oncological diseases through controlled radiation.

We focus our efforts on balancing the needs of our clients, prioritizing optimal use of space, and taking into account all regulatory requirements without reducing quality or compromising the safety of personnel working in specialized units.

We offer all our expertise and capacity with the aim of building suitable spaces for both professionals and patients, allowing us to imagine a pleasant and comfortable space while respecting all the safety rules and corresponding regulations.

Main features

Bunker Design
Calculate necessary shielding for the installation of equipment for nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy, brachytherapy, etc.
Produce reports and documentation necessary for the mandatory validation of the shielding calculations.
Carry out shielding studies after the equipment installation.