Installation and Comissioning of Medical Equipment

Turn-key Projects

Installation of the most advanced oncological diagnosis and treatment equipment.

We advise our clients on the necessary equipment depending on the proposed medical objectives, taking into account their budget, execution times, and the socio-demographic location of the center, among other considerations.

In addition, INVAP advises on the type of hardware and software required depending on the equipment selected, as there are a variety of options available in various configurations.

We take into account each client's clinical requirements and budget constraints before proposing the most appropriate equipment that meets their needs. We strive to obtain quality images of their patients as soon as possible while offering a quick, accurate, and complete inauguration.

Main features

Installation and commissioning pf medical equipment
Installation and commissioning of diagnostic equipment (mammography machines, linear accelerators, and latest generation tomographs).
Installation and start-up of cancer treatment equipment (HDR, PET / CT, SPECT / CT and PET / MRI Brachytherapy Equipment).
Design, installation, and commissioning of areas for the production of radiopharmaceuticals, radiopharmacy, quality laboratories and cyclotron.

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