Construction and Monitoring of Facilities

Turn-key Projects

Integrative approach for the comprehensive construction of medical centers.

At INVAP we have experience in the design and execution of construction projects for nuclear medicine centers in Argentina and Latin America, having built more than 15 turn-key centers throughout the continent.

The efforts begin with the preparation of the layout according to the needs of the client, working together so that the result is according to their needs. We conclude with the delivery of the finished work and in full operation, collaborating during the process with the management of all the mandatory regulatory authorizations. Finally, we provide the training of the technical personnel necessary to meet the pre-arranged deadlines.

Main features

Construction and monitoring of facilities
Planning, design and engineering of construction projects.
Preparation of all supporting documentation.
Determination of equipment, accessories, and furnishing requirements for each room or sector.
Managing subcontractors, site personnel and materials.
On-site INVAP personnel exclusively assigned to daily monitor the work progress.