Compliance with Local Rules and Regulations

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All radiation-generating devices or radioisotopes must be registered with the competent authority in each country. INVAP has the experience, knowledge, and qualifications providing for a smooth process for our clients.

A large amount of documents and technical work is required for regulatory entities to allow a Nuclear Medicine center to operate according to the existing requirements. It may take months to complete the review process of all these procedures. INVAP collaborates to complete all the necessary documentation, submitting it in a timely manner to obtain approvals in the shortest possible time, thus preventing applications from being rejected.

Main features

Compliance with local rules and regulations
Evaluation of radiation or radioisotope equipment to ensure they comply with standards and regulations.
Advice to staff on the required documentation.
Provide assistance in completing applications according to the licensing requirements of the regulating authority.
Ensure 100% accuracy in the submitted documentation so that the application is not rejected.