Proton Therapy

We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

Highly-precise treatment in crucial areas.

Proton radiation therapy is a high-precision treatment that minimizes damage to nearby healthy organs and structures that surround a tumor. The advantage over other radiant therapies is that it is more precise and less toxic.

Unlike the photon beam used in conventional radiotherapy, proton therapy uses high-energy protons directing higher doses to the tumor area without increasing the doses in other areas. The large mass of these protons prevents them from undergoing changes in their path to the tumor, allowing them to be directed more precisely to the affected tissues thereby minimizing adverse effects on healthy tissues or organs.

The precision of this treatment is ideal for treating tumors that are difficult to access or surrounded by vital structures (brain, head and neck, or lung tumors). It is also a very safe option for treating pediatric tumors, since they produce fewer side effects in growing structures.

Main features

Maximum precision for treatment in vital structures or organs that are difficult to access.
Side effects are substantially reduced compared to other radiant therapies.
A clear therapeutic advantage has been demonstrated in such cases as pediatric cancer, advanced head and neck cancer, eye cancer, skull base tumors, primary hepatocellular carcinomas, primary or metastatic tumors of the spine, and cases of re-irradiation.