External Radiotherapy

Linear accelerators
We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

Photon beam non-invasive treatments

The treatments with our linear accelerators combine the latest technology with professional excellence and personalized service.

In this type of radiation therapy, the irradiation source is a measured distance from the patient, and the linear accelerator (LINAC) directs high-energy rays to the tumor in the body. The LINAC generates both high energy X-rays with energy ranging from 1.5 to 25 MV and electron beams to treat superficial tumors.

People come on an outpatient basis for various periods of time period, depending on the condition being treated.

Main features

It is safe for the patient since radiation is focused on the tumor nor is it painful. External therapy does not generally require anesthesia.
A large proportion of cancer cells within the entire tumor are attacked.
Synergy with systemic therapy has the ability to destroy more cancer cells together than any other singular therapy.
Capable of interacting with other diagnostic techniques to obtain more comprehensive results.