Cyclotron and Radiopharmacy

We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

On-site radioisotope production for diagnostic use and treatment.

The production of radioactive materials and their subsequent quality control in safe and protected areas are within the same building. This is essential to complete the radiopharmaceutical supply cycle.

The great advantage of having a cyclotron within the hospital facilities is having radiopharmaceuticals with a short-half life readily available. These are necessary for carrying out the different studies and can be administered to patients immediately after being synthesized in the laboratory and before they lose their activity.

The radionuclides produced by cyclotrons must be incorporated into more complex molecules, a process that is carried out in a radiopharmacy laboratory. The obtained radiopharmaceutical must be subjected to strict testing before being administered to the patient, therefore the unit must have a quality control laboratory.

Main features

Production of the main radionuclides used for diagnosis and treatment (Fluor-18, Nitrogen-13, Oxygen-15, and Carbon-11).
Strict quality control of the radiopharmaceutical within the medical center.
Possibility of producing radiopharmaceuticals for nearby medical centers that do not have this possibility.
Highly trained professionals to control the production of radiopharmacy products.