Nuclear Medicine

We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

Early diagnosis is essential for the success of a treatment.

Nuclear medicine studies help find tumors and see how much the disease has spread in the body, even before the patient shows symptoms. They can also be used to find out if the treatment being used is effective for the patient.

Diagnoses are achieved using small amounts of radioactive substances linked to radiopharmaceuticals, with the aim of incorporating these substances in the biological processes of the patient. In this way, the body tissues that are affected by certain diseases (such as cancer) can absorb more or less of the radiopharmaceutical than normal tissues.

The function of equipment such as PET and SPECT is to collect the pattern of radioactivity in biological processes to create images that show the path of this radiopharmaceutical and determine where it accumulates.

Main features

Nuclear medicine tests provide unique information that cannot be gained by other diagnostic methods.
This information is necessary to make a diagnosis or to determine the most appropriate treatment.
It offers the possibility of identifying diseases in their early stages, generally before symptoms appear.
PET scans can provide additional information that is used for radiation therapy planning.