Proton Therapy Center

City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Flagship projects

The first proton therapy center in Latin America will bear INVAP’s seal.

It will be equipped with a Proteus Plus system featuring Pencil Beam Scanning technology, adaptive IMPT, and an additional irradiation room for research and development.

Unlike the photon beam used in conventional radiotherapy, proton therapy uses high-energy protons directing higher doses to the tumor area without increasing the doses in other areas.

The large mass of these protons prevents them from undergoing changes in their path to the tumor, allowing them to be more precisely directed to the affected tissues thereby minimizing adverse effects on healthy tissues or organs.

The precision of this treatment is ideal for treating tumors that are difficult to access or surrounded by vital structures such as brain, head and neck, or lung tumors. It is also a very safe option for treating pediatric tumors since the treatment produces fewer side effects in growing bodily structures.

Main features

Proton therapy center
It will be the first center with this technology in Latin America.
It is a joint project with the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA), the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and IBA.
Proton treatment is highly accurate and precise for treatment of vital or hard-to-reach organs.