Internal Radiotherapy

We offer specialized medical equipment for cancer treatment

An indispensable technique for radiotherapy.

High-dose-rate brachytherapy (HDR) allows a high quantity of radiation to be applied to a small area, where the source of radiation maintains its position relative to the tumor.

Treatments with internal brachytherapy are applied to different types of cancer, including cervical, prostate, breast, skin, and rectal cancer. Treatment times are generally shorter compared to external radiation therapy.

Many of the brachytherapy procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, so they do not greatly interfere with the patient’s routine. Short treatment times and outpatient procedures also help improve the efficiency of radiation therapy clinics.

Main features

Outpatient treatment, with few sessions and with high precision and effectiveness.
It is a safe treatment for the patient as well as being painless and comfortable.
The patient can resume normal activities after a brief session.
Brachytherapy can be given alone or in combination with other means such as surgery, external beam radiation, and chemotherapy.