Warranty, spare parts, and maintenance programs for prevention and correction

Technical Service and Maintenance Programs.

Customer service based on the needs of each client

The constant use of highly complex equipment in medical centers and hospitals to treat cancer inevitably calls for repairs and service to be resolved as quickly as possible, with the main objective of putting it back into operation in a timely manner.

It is our commitment to provide excellent service once the equipment that we supply is already installed and in operation, advising all our clients and working together in order to solve any problems that may arise.

We work in a personalized way, carrying out a preventive and corrective maintenance plan. We have a large stock of spare parts for immediate replacement and we strive to secure those uncommon parts that may be necessary to repair the equipment.

Main features

Management of warranties with suppliers.
Stock of spare parts for immediate replacement, avoiding delays in the delivery of medical services.
Preventive and corrective maintenance programs according to the need of each client and the installed equipment.
Personalized attention to our clients.
Continuous advice and customer support.