9 August 2012

Today, Alberto Rojo, Ph. D. in Physics graduated from Balseiro Institute, visited the headquarters of INVAP (Applied Research Company). Prof. Rojo has been invited by the Andean office of the National University of Río Negro’s School of Physics and by Fulbright Foundation to deliver a series of lectures in Bariloche. 

Dr. Rojo holds a doctorate in physics completed at Balseiro Institute in 1990. He has been visiting professor at the University of Buenos Aires, post-doctoral researcher at the University of Chicago and Tennessee, and researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET, in Spanish) and at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

He is currently professor at Oakland University’s Department of Physics, in Rochester, USA. He has published almost ninety articles on physics in international journals and has delivered lectures at several international conferences. He has also co-authored articles with Tony Leggett, the 2003 Nobel Prize winner in Physics.

Dr. Rojo devotes much of his time to popularize science among the general public, and has already published four books thus far, including El azar en la vida cotidiana (Chance in Everyday Life) which was presented at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair this year.

The schedule of regional lectures that will be held this month is as follows:

Friday 08/10 – 7 pm: “De la física a la música” (From physics to music), at the South Patagonia Auditorium, Bariloche.
Tuesday 08/14 – 6 pm: “El azar en la vida cotidiana” (Chance in everyday life), at the Council Hall, Bariloche
Wednesday 08/22 – 6 pm: “La física y las artes” (Physics and the arts), at the Permanent Teacher Training Institute (IFD, in Spanish), in El Bolsón.
Thursday 08/23 – 6 pm: “Borges y la física cuántica” (Borges and quantum physics), at the Council Hall, Bariloche.