19 August

Today, INVAP’s General Manager and CEO, Mr. Héctor Otheguy, participated in a panel called “Financing National Technology Innovation”, which was part of a Seminar on “Financing Technology Innovation applied to Production” hosted by the Bank for Foreign Trade and Investment (BICE).

Different projects financed with special credit lines by the BICE were presented all along the Seminar; these credit lines are oriented toward technological modernization; use of renewable energies and improved environmental care. Cooperation agreements were signed between BICE and regional financial institutions.

The aim of the event was to make known specific cases of high value projects to exemplify the way in which the public and the private sector can work together to develop productive investments.  The Seminar was inaugurated by the Science, Technology and Productive Innovation Minister, Mr. Lino Barañao, who highlighted the role of sicence and technology as “motor of the economy in the society of knowledge”.

In turn, Mr. Mauro Alem, President of BICE, said that “the challenge for science and technology is to create private companies capable of developing high value technological projects. This way, public-private association will provide great benefits”.

In the panel “Financing National Technology Innovation” took part the Secretary of Planning and Policies in Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, Mrs. Ruth Ladenheim, who spoke about the scientific and technological policies carried out by the Ministry; Mr. Héctor E. Otheguy, who described INVAP’s activities and Mrs. Dra. Patricia Miranda, who expounded on a project of the Agro-biotechnology Institute of Rosario (INDEAR) that developed a pilot plant for the treatment of an enzime used for cheese making production.